“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein”

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I have experienced nearly twenty years of Sober Freedom. Sober Freedom has no attachment to commonplace labels, language, programs, belief systems, and the need or interest to misuse or abuse alcohol. In short, STOP THINKING ABOUT DRINKING OR NOT DRINKING!

You can experience Sober Freedom too!

When I first started rethinking my drinking habit over two decades ago, I did what everybody does I went looking for help. Only I didn’t have the robust internet research tool that we have today, the worldwide web. Well, I did, but it was much slower and resources weren’t yet accessible on the web or available.

I didn’t want help to abstain but to slow down, take a break, get control of my drinking, but that just wasn’t an option.

The most common thought tracks today are:

If you can’t stop or control drinking, you have a disease or disorder.

And a more progressive stance removes “alcohol illness” out of the equation but villainizes alcohol.

Villainizing alcohol looks like “you don’t have to quit drinking” while promoting alcohol is bad, evil, and poison, and the alcohol industry is conspiring to turn you into an alcohol craving monster so they can fill their pockets – they are out to get you.

If you don’t want them to win, stop drinking is your way of taking your power back and sticking it to them.

Shoulding yourself is NOT Sober Freedom

All of these approaches, concepts, and beliefs render you powerless to alcohol – you shouldn’t or can’t drink. This can make you feel helpless and shame, especially if you really don’t want to remove alcohol completely from your life.

If you want to keep drinking and only refrain because you shouldn’t drink, then alcohol, beliefs, and programming have the power over you. You essentially are only “having a bad day” away from drinking and resetting your sobriety clock. Again, if this works for you, keep doing what you’re doing.

This is measuring your sober success by counting the days you don’t drink – abstinence.

Any and all of this is fine if it works for you. If you are living your best life and couldn’t imagine it getting any better, bravo!!!

I’ve been practicing and teaching for nearly two decades to focus all of your time, thoughts, and energy on what you want, NOT what you don’t.

So, picture this instead…

You love to engage in life and don’t want to leave any of it unlived.

You live with a clear mind so you don’t get trapped feeling like you need to stop thinking.

You live with open heart remaining flexible to life’s adventures knowing you can handle whatever comes next.

You live with defined intentions so you have your focus on

  • what you want to do

  • who you want to be

  • how you want to live

  • And how you want to feel

When you gain this kind of clarity and focus, it pulls you forward and inspires you to make choices that move you toward your desired intended self.

And should you drink again, you do so consciously for pure entertainment, to enhance a moment, or celebrate an event, and get back to living in purpose because you are not defined by whether you drink or not – that is Sober Freedom!

Often the feedback I get during the consultation or in the first session is, “I feel hope for the first time in a long time.” I hear this so often that it’s become an acronym for Having Other Possibilities to Explore!

We all need to feel a sense of freedom to explore possibilities rather than a one-way sign that gives us no options. That’s how we come to feel hopeless, and feeling hopeless, helpless, and trapped are big indicators for misusing or abusing alcohol.

Another sentiment I hear regularly is, “I feel like I’ve found myself again or I lost any sense of self.”

But the most common request over the years have been a way to stay plugged into their new found way of thinking and being, continue learning and growing, and an opportunity to practice the new habits that support their desired intentioned self.

This brings me back to my pal, Al’s quote above, we must learn to think, be, do differently in a way that serves who we wish to be (desired intentional self) to resolve our drinking habit.

You can’t remain the same person that developed this habit and expect that thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things and hoping by mere will, shaming, or shoulding will stop ringing your drinking bell.


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