Sober Revolution


Sober is making your days count, not counting the days you don’t drink



Alcoholism has become a powerful belief system. When you take on the identity of an alcoholic, not only do you have to address your physical habit to drink, but you’ve also got to navigate who you’re supposed to be, how you should think, and what your behavior will be.

Our culture makes a one-size-fits-all assumption in which, if you mention a struggle with alcohol, no matter how much of a struggle it is, you’re labeled alcoholic and start moving along the recovery conveyor belt.  Teresa Rodden is out to change that!

The Primed Drinker explores the often overlooked middle ground between social and alcoholic drinking. Through Rodden’s personal experience, case studies, and exploration of science that disrupts the common understanding of alcoholism (addiction), she raises powerful questions about how to change your relationship with alcohol and offers promising solutions.


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