Wholly Sober


How I Stopped Thinking About Drinking and Started Loving My Life



Teresa Rodden stresses it’s important to realize we are individuals and not one-size-fits-all. Alcoholics Anonymous and 12-Steps do not fit or work for everybody.
She found her thoughts were influenced, her attitude groomed, and her life was primed to misuse alcohol.

When you understand that you don’t just flip a switch to misuse alcohol and instead condition yourself through thoughts, beliefs, and environment–you can create sustainable change with awareness, intention, and making conscious choices.

In Wholly Sober she shares life-altering experiences that compounded her problem drinking and without any interception grew in frequency and volume. She found herself feeling trapped with no way out.

Teresa takes you through her only alternative to help her with her problem with alcohol – outpatient treatment and then Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-Steps. She came to realize if she truly wanted freedom from alcohol she would need to find another way to live sober.

Wholly Sober is a fast track of Teresa Rodden’s relationship with alcohol starting with her first hangover at just five years old.


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