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Last time we met I invited you to set an intention for the month of October.
Why did you decide on the thing you decided on?
Did it inspire you? Excite you? Stimulate you?

What, if anything, do you need to refine?
Your thoughts, expectations, is your intention defined enough?
How do you feel about it now?

I’m not feeling it. I don’t get it. How is this helping me with my drinking?
If you’re not feeling for your intention. If you don’t get it. It’s not helping with your drinking.
There is no switch or magical compilation of words that will strip you of any desire to continue meeting the habitual need you have practice for some time.
But I promise you that if you keep practicing being intentional with your thoughts, feelings, and actions and uncover, recover, discover dreams, goals, and aspirations that feel more resonant to you at your core than you can remember in recent history your reliance on alcohol will subside.

If I served you everything you were going to eat in the next couple of months, would you eat it all now and be sustained for the two months? No.
It will take time, intention, and practice. I will continue to meet you here twice a month, once one on one, encourage you to read and expose yourself to new concepts and ideas, and add to the library summaries, worksheets, and more.
I’m always open to suggestions on how to bring more value to your experience in Sober Freedom Sisterhood. Please don’t be shy, and share.

If you have a question or suggestion you think would benefit the membership post it in our forum or you can email me directly Teresa@TeresaRodden.com