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    Astonishing. How much of this book shows up in my life, work, and relationships. As I mentioned I haven’t read You Can Heal Your Life since 2003, but it clearly made an impact.

    I also believe that at the time I read the book I wasn’t ready for the content and perhaps seeds were planted. As I became more spiritually grounded a lot of this wisdom came naturally. Because it makes a lot of sense! If you’re constantly thinking about drinking or not drinking – drinking is your focus and becomes near impossible to resist.

    So, here are a few of the lines that really stood out to me.


      Whatever the problem is, it comes from a thought pattern, and THOUGHT PATTERNS CAN BE CHANGED.

      Can you catch yourself every time you think I can’t drink, I shouldn’t drink, maybe I’ll have just one or fill in the space, that you inject a more desired intentional thought, I’m so looking forward to writing a romance novel, I look forward to running on the beach in Cancun, the feeling of having a clear mind and waking up Christmas morning full of pep and zest is going to feel so good.


    “Don’t trust strangers” may be good advice for a small child, but for an adult, to continue this belief will only create isolation and loneliness.

    How to push back on limiting beliefs:
    Ask yourself is this true now? Have I ever known this not to be true? Where did the belief originate from?

    A commonly held belief around alcohol is if you can’t control it you have a problem and that problem is a disease/disorder. This belief is reinforced over and over on the great worldwide web (and probably a friend, family member, or neighbor.)

    But you know me and this is NOT true. Unless you accept it as truth.


      This is where change takes place. It starts with a decision to change your thoughts, language, and actions. You can start with thoughts right now and I gave you a few examples above of how to catch and shift your thoughts. #thoughtsbecomethings


    It’s all hopeless and impossible to make any changes, so why try? Just stay the way you are. At least you know how to handle that pain. You don’t like it but it’s familiar and you hope it won’t get any worse.

    Have you thought, maybe even spoken, these words?

    We must change our way of thinking, speaking, and expressing ourselves. Change the inside and the outside will follow.

    No more scolding yourself.
    Look in the mirror and speak to yourself like someone you love dearly.
    I am doing so much better
    I am making changes
    I am loved
    I am loving
    I love my smile
    I love my family
    I love this season
    I love my awareness to do better
    I love that I have resources to help me
    I am moving forward

    Do you see, can you feel how this works? Practice, practice, practice.

    Where your focus goes energy flows! #stopthinkinkaboutdrinking

    Now, it’s your turn. Share some affirmations or thoughts you will use to change your thought pattern.

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