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    Please, please, please do not set your intention around drinking or not drinking. That will keep your focus on drinking, and from a neuroscience perspective, it creates a lot of resistance, takes a lot of energy, and eventually, you run out of willpower and give in.

    Instead, I want you to think about what you would gain, get, experience if you didn’t drink as much.

    Peace, better sleep, a clear mind, etc.…

    Let’s choose peace. Gain greater peace for October. What would having more peace give you? Better sleep, less agitation, better communication, be more responsive than reactive, smile more, laugh more easily, mmmm doesn’t that feel good.

    You’re building a case.

    So what are some things you can do that will promote peace

    Examples: meditate, walk, set a schedule for limiting potential antagonists, eat well, burn incense, use essential oils, burn a candle, listen to soothing music, take a break specifically to pet your cat/dog, stand outside and take a deep breath and raise your arms overhead while giving thanks

    Pick one thing you’ll do to promote peace every day this month.

    If after a week you are feeling really good about the daily practice, add another small practice. But keep it small and simple.

    On the third Friday, October 15th, you’ll have an opportunity to report, reflect, refine, and release.


    What is your intention? Think small but meaningful. Meaning it matters to you and moving you toward how you want to feel, who you want to be, how you want to live.

    How does this intention support moving you forward?

    Make a list of small, simple thoughts or actions that support your October intention so you can add-on when you feel inspired.

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