Exploring Wholly Sober Chapter One Priming

In this week's episode of the Magic of Possibilities podcast, your host, Teresa Rodden, takes you on a unique journey through the chapters of her book, "Wholly Sober - Priming." Buckle up for a transformative exploration as Teresa unravels the layers of her past, sharing insights and reflections one chapter at a time.

Teresa challenges the conventional notions of sobriety and addiction, urging you to reconsider your relationship with alcohol. She dives deep into the emotional and spiritual pain caused by poor choices, emphasizing that the cycle of suffering and self-medication can be broken.

As we explore Teresa's personal revelations, we confront the assumption that addiction is solely genetic. Drawing on the expertise of Dr. Lance Dodes, an addiction specialist, we discover that the roots of addiction go beyond genes.

This episode lays the foundation for understanding the legacy Teresa inherited—not a genetic predisposition but a legacy of misinformation, abusive patterns, and suppressed voices. The real culprit? Pain.

Join us in the coming weeks as Teresa shares her journey, chapter by chapter, offering a perspective on strength that goes beyond numbing the pain. In the pages to follow, she dives into Chapter Two: Disconnecting, promising an enlightening continuation of her story.

Don't miss this thought-provoking episode that challenges preconceived notions, encourages self-reflection, and sets the stage for a journey toward healing and empowerment. Tune in, and let's uncover the layers together on the Magic of Possibilities podcast.

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