Wholly Sober offers a rich narrative that delves into the complex relationships and legacies surrounding alcohol within my family. Chapter One: Priming. You’re encouraged to set aside comparisons to your upbringing and instead focus on how you’ve been primed to think, limit yourself, or protect yourself in ways that may be keeping you stuck.


Through my personal experiences, I disrupt the traditional thinking surrounding alcohol use, urging you to reconsider your relationship with it. I want to redirect your attention from addiction and recovery towards fully embracing the wild and magical life that is uniquely yours.


To help you gain greater insight into your journeys, here are some questions that could be used as prompts for reflection:


Personal Connection:

– Can you identify with any experiences or emotions described in the chapter?

– How does the portrayal of family dynamics and struggles resonate with your own life?


Family Legacy:

– What kind of legacy, positive or negative, do you think is being passed down in my family?

– Reflect on your own family’s history with substances. Are there patterns or behaviors that you see repeating?


Impact of Alcohol:

– How does the chapter depict the impact of alcohol on the characters’ lives and relationships?

– Have you experienced or witnessed similar effects of alcohol in your own life or the lives of those around you?


Fear and Coping:

– Explore the theme of fear as a driving force in my family. How does fear manifest in the different family members?

– Consider your own coping mechanisms for fear and stress. Are they healthy, or do they mirror the destructive patterns described?


Different Facets of Individuals:

– The chapter describes two different sides of my mother. Can you relate to having different facets of your own personality or behavior?

– How do external factors, such as alcohol, influence the way individuals present themselves?


Choices and Consequences:

– Examine the choices made by the characters in the chapter. How do these choices impact their lives and the lives of those around them?

– Reflect on significant choices you’ve made in your life and their consequences.


Understanding Pain:

– The chapter suggests that pain, rather than genetics, may be a driving force behind addictive behavior. Do you agree or disagree with this perspective?

– Consider any unresolved pain or trauma in your own life. How does it influence your choices and behaviors?


Strength and Change:

– How did I redefine strength in the face of pain and challenges?

– Reflect on moments in your life where you exhibited strength and resilience.


Learning and Growth:

– What lessons can be drawn from my journey and the experiences of my family?

– How can you apply these lessons to your own life for personal growth and transformation?


Anticipation for the Journey:

– Given the insights shared in this chapter, what expectations or anticipations do you have for my journey in the following pages?

– What do you hope to discover or learn as the narrative unfolds?

These questions aim to encourage introspection and connection between you and the themes presented in Wholly Sober Chapter One, fostering a deeper understanding of personal experiences and potential paths for growth.


It’s conversations like these that remind us of the power within us to redefine our paths and embrace the full spectrum of our experiences with courage and openness. And remember, this journey is not just about where we’re going, but also about where we are at this very moment. Let’s continue to support each other and share our stories and insights. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @SoberPossibilities for daily inspiration, updates, and a place to connect with a community that understands and shares your aspirations.


I’m looking forward to diving deeper and exploring new topics with you next week. Until then, keep exploring the magic of possibilities within you and around you.