Introduction to Wholly Sober book read by Author, Teresa Rodden

Wholly Sober – How I stopped thinking about drinking and started loving my life.

I have not had alcohol since 2003 and it’s not because I am an alcoholic or have a disease. It’s so much more and I want to share with you – all the nuances that made my journey so much different than many.

But let’s start at the beginning.

How I came to write Wholly Sober and why it was so important that I did.

This book was not written to argue my position but to offer insight and opportunity for others who are not ready for the all-or-nothing approach and those ready to consider other possibilities.

But even more importantly, about how I got on with my life without the attachment to a limiting identity, language, standard BS, bullshit, and belief systems.

I hope you enjoy the listen and would love to hear from you.