Sober Intentions

Sober Intentions what are they and how to use them?

First, let me remind you that being wholly sober is not a commitment to abstinence but learning to live without relying on alcohol as a shortcut to address loneliness, boredom, fear, doubt, shame, or even fun. Wholly sober is about learning to express yourself and embrace life with a clear mind, open heart, and defined intentions. This enables us to become to trust ourselves and have confidence in our choices.

Sober intentions replace the tension of I can't drink, I'm not supposed to drink, I shouldn't drink with how you wish to experience this one and only precious life of yours.

Instead of the goal of not drinking with a desire to fill up on life while edging out the desire to drink. This takes time, INTENTION, and practice.

You can do it. I know because I have done it for almost twenty years, and Melissa shares her progress in less than a year.

Ask yourself, how long have you been shoulding and shaming yourself for drinking? This is a habit too. It will take time to stop being hyperfocused on alcohol and seeing it as the enemy.

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Melissa Hale, Wildstone Wellness

Teresa Rodden, Wholly Sober