When Moon Magic Meets Wholly Sober

This podcast was inspired by my following IG post and I expanded on it with a little more love.

“Let’s talk about a little moon magic and stuff✨

We are under the energy of the new moon. Astrology, Moonology, Numerology, and such don’t necessarily need to be magical but can help you see the magical potential in ordinary life.

It’s all perspective.

Is it magical that on Christmas Eve I cried most of the day missing home and the familiar and the next day I made a decision to make the best of my blessed situation. And just happened to pull a moonology card that said to do exactly that.

The next day my husband was offered an amazing opportunity that would move us back home to Oregon. Magic?

We sold our NC home in a downturn market in record time and made a profit. Magic?

Drove across the country between hellish storms. Magic?

Just a few examples of focusing on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t shifted how I thought, acted, and attracted.

I didn’t focus on wanting to go home I focused on wanting to celebrate the precious life I had.

More importantly, shifting my focus enabled me to release the struggle and open to receive. Magic?

So, we are moving into our new home tomorrow under the new moon energy, our new home address reduces to number one “House number 1
The vibration of a number 1 in Numerology is that of drive and ambition, making a 1 home number perfect for someone who wants to embrace their independent spirit.” Magic?

And with love and encouragement from many of my friends, peers, and mentors I feel more on purpose, steadfast, and resonate with my message and work than ever. Magic?

So, I drew a card for all of us and the affirmation is...

“There is only one of me, it’s safe to be me and I love me!”

Call it magic, Call it wisdom. Call it intention.

Call it whatever empowers you and encourages you to believe in the possibilities.

Use the superpowers of having a clear mind, open heart, and defined intention – I’d call that Wholly Sober Magic."

I hope you enjoy the listen and would love to hear from you.

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