Wholly Sober Chapter Thirteen CURIOSITY and Conclusion

"Breaking Free: Unveiling the Science Behind Sobriety and Living with Intention"

Embark on a transformative journey with host and author Teresa Rodden in this compelling episode of "The Magic of Possibilities" podcast. In the riveting Chapter Thirteen, titled "Curiosity," Teresa reads the final pages of her sobriety story, exploring the power of questioning, purpose, and community in her unique path to freedom from addiction.

Discover the groundbreaking Rat Park Experiment and other scientific revelations that challenge traditional beliefs about alcoholism and recovery. Teresa shares her personal insights into breaking away from the conventional mindset and finding solace in a life of intention and passion.

As we conclude this chapter, Teresa hints at the upcoming episodes where she'll dissect the science supporting her freedom from alcohol misuse and delve into intentional living. Subscribe now to join Teresa on a journey of self-discovery, challenge societal norms, and embrace the magic of possibilities.

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**Author's Note:**

I wrote Wholly Sober in 2016. I'm aware of the shift in terminology, where Substance Use Disorder is considered a more inclusive term than alcoholism. While recognizing the importance of language, it's crucial to acknowledge that the traditional treatment plan remains largely unchanged, irrespective of the label. In this podcast, I delve into personal experiences and alternative perspectives, aiming to transcend the confines of labels and explore the diverse paths to sobriety.