Wholly Sober Chapter Twelve FREEDOM

Chapter Twelve: Freedom - Wholly Sober Series

Join host and author Teresa Rodden in this transformative episode of the Magic of Possibilities Podcast as she delves into Chapter Twelve: Freedom from her captivating Wholly Sober series. Inspired by the poignant words of Bruce J. Alexander, Teresa explores the concept of freedom amidst the challenges of addiction and recovery.

December 2003 marks a pivotal moment for Teresa, navigating a new job, a move to a different city, and the complexities of sobriety. This chapter unfolds as she seeks to belong in AA meetings, realizing that true freedom extends beyond the absence of substances. Teresa reflects on the power of living authentically, making choices with a clear mind, and building a life free from manipulation and hidden agendas alongside her partner, Rich.

As the episode concludes, Teresa poses profound questions about her identity and the nature of her relationship with alcohol. This is a thought-provoking journey into the Magic of Possibilities, inviting listeners to consider their own paths to freedom.

Stay tuned for next week's final chapter, Chapter 13: Curiosity, where Teresa provides a powerful conclusion to her Wholly Sober journey. Follow @SoberPossibilities on Instagram and Facebook for updates, and starting March 8, join us as we share supportive, informative, and empowering messages inspired by Teresa's fifteen years of impactful work. Embrace the joy of freedom with us on the Magic of Possibilities Podcast.