Wholly Sober Chapter Two Disconnecting

Today, our host dives into Chapter Two of her book, Wholly Sober, where she bares her soul about a personal journey of breaking away.

Get ready for a gripping story that unfolds through the eyes of our protagonist.

In this chapter, we're taken into the gritty reality of family life, with scenes of violence and the lasting impact it leaves behind.

Our protagonist wrestles with mixed messages from her church, where love is preached, but judgment and gossip linger in the pews. Growing up brings disillusionment with organized religion, fueled by the discovery of hypocrisy and the impossible standards set by the divine.

As the story unfolds, we enter darker territory with revelations of early experiences of abuse. The protagonist courageously shares encounters with family members and their friends, leading to a profound disconnection from God. The struggle with damnation and guilt is real. Brace yourself as we explore the allure of substances like cocaine and methamphetamine, and the rollercoaster relationships tied to addiction.

Our protagonist grapples with the belief that she's "too bad to be saved," culminating in a deep disconnection from God, spirit, and conscience. The chapter closes with a powerful choice – to feed the "hungriest wolf" within her, embodying anger, fear, guilt, and self-doubt.

This narrative weaves together themes of abuse, addiction, religious heartbreak, and personal battles, offering a raw and honest glimpse into the complexity of the human experience. Stay tuned for a journey that's as heart-wrenching as it is inspiring, only here on the Magic of Possibilities podcast!

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