And You Can Too!!!

Because I Can!”  a mantra I woke up with in 2010.  It became part of a two year cheer for new runners in the Georgia area.

I had just moved there and didn’t know a soul.  We moved purposely adjacent to a 5k nature trail so I could enjoy one of my favorite past times, running.  Which also happened to be my therapy.  I wanted some companionship, so I started, I Run…Because I Can!  5k training for new runners and offered it every quarter through 2012, when I moved back home to Oregon.  I made some life long friends and a lifetime of memories.

…Because I Can!  Isn’t just about my time in Georgia.  It’s a mindset I adapted long ago.  I just didn’t have a mantra or  t-shirts and running wasn’t my focus.

I was in a place of great difficulty many years ago and instead of praying for help – I gave thanks and was so grateful that I could breathe on my own, walk with my own to legs, see through my eyes, hear with my ears and speak with my mouth. These are the things that we take for granted everyday.  I knew with these blessing I could change my life.  …Because I Can was my hope.

How many times do you wake up dreading the day because you’re not where you want to be?  Frustrated cause you don’t have direction or a clear goal?  Maybe you blew your diet for the millionth time.  Perhaps you lost your job and the bills are piling up.  We could go on like this for awhile.

We all have heard “be grateful”.  How many of us really LIVE  it?  Take what you already got and build on it.  Do a resource check and be grateful.  Then start a list of what you can do …Because YOU Can!

Move, Dance, Sing, Walk, Cook, Write, Connect, Run, Learn, Explore, Enjoy, Love, Be Courageous, Take a Risk…

Fill in the space________ …Because You Can!

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– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach