What does being a thought leader mean to you? How do you do it? Why is it SO DAMN HARD? What’s actually hard about it?

This question was posed in a Facebook group and prompted my response below:

I encourage my clients to think for themselves and that unto itself is developing thought leaders.

My area of focus Pink Cloud Coaching – For Women Who Struggle with Food and/or Alcohol pushes against the grain in the industry of recovery.  Although I don’t coach recovery – I am usually pushed in that corner.

My ideal client struggles with alcohol and may be rethinking her drinking habit. She may even seem to be obsessively thinking about alcohol. She is in between Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic. We focus on discovery to prevent recovery. Taking charge of their drinking before recovery is necessary.

It took courage and time to get clear about who and how I serve. In the beginning, I felt compelled to regurgitate the same 12 step (no offense intended) and coach the recovering woman. Because it’s always been…Non-alcoholic or Alcoholic. I had nothing to model after. I had to create from nothing.

When women start seeking help they go on-line. There they find the same information over and over and over again – It’s all about the booze and the first step is admitting you’re powerless over alcohol.   Many women aren’t convinced I can help them because I don’t follow the popular theory, belief, or opinion of pick one: Non-alcoholic or Alcoholic. That can be a grand hurdle, but amazingly enough, they fly over it in no time. Women are powerful.

There is a whole lot of opportunity to change the trajectory between Non-alcoholic and Alcoholic. And I’m thrilled to say – Pink Cloud Coaching not only helps the woman break free from the hook of alcohol, but empowers her to really expand into life and fill it with soulful dreams, goals and aspirations.

I live the Pink Cloud Life and I witness more and more women successfully stepping into and living free from their alcohol habit through the Pink Cloud process.

So, yes. I am a thought leader. I am a pioneer in a virtually unchartered territory. I’m creating my own path as I’m going. And the beauty is I’m helping others become thought leaders by encouraging them to challenge what they’ve always believed; don’t play the same game just because everybody’s doing it; and don’t buy into “’cause that’s the way it’s always been done”.

Are you ready to become a thought leader?

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– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach