“If you judge people you have no time to love them.” ~Mother Teresa

I recently shared a picture of Mother Teresa with this quote on my personal Facebook page. It touched my heart and apparently many others, as a few shared the photo from my post, many likes, and a comment or two. I never know what will grab the attention of my friends and family on Facebook, and quite frankly, I don’t put a lot of thought into it either. My posts happen by chance. When I have some time I will browse as far as I can through the many updates and newsfeeds, and if something touches my heart, I will share it. It could be something that resonated with me and in alignment with my understanding, thought provoking, something that made me giggle, or something simply beautiful.
Well this quote was something that resonated with me and simply beautiful. However, while I was running and processing a thousand different things I landed on this quote. And as I heard Mother Teresa’s words in mind, I recalled a presentation I did the other day to a woman’s group giving 7 non-traditional tips for a greater health and wellness story, and one of the tips was to “Fall in love with your life and with you”. I started thinking…”If I judge myself I have no time to love me”.

Wow! That was an awakening. I consciously work at not judging people, places or things. I try to learn from every opportunity and become more aware that difference doesn’t mean right or wrong, good or bad…it’s just different. The gift of freedom from this awareness is beyond words and I encourage you to try it on for size. Getting back to the point…Am I as accepting of myself as I am of others? This is definitely an area I am working on.

I ask you, “Do you judge yourself?”

I invite you to join me in becoming aware of judging yourself and instead of ruling right or wrong, good or bad, simply take it as information and do better next time.

Believing in the power of you!

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach

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