Goodbye 2013…it’s been real!

It’s been a very emotional two months leading up to the end of 2013.  My husband references the 13 in the year as though it’s been bad. To me, it hasn’t been so much as bad, as it has been a great representation of L I F E!

“Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living.”

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living.
Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living.

We moved back home…yes, home, January 2013.  What an absolutely fantastic place to be…home.  To  me that trumps all things.

I am madly deeply impassioned with my work.  And the more I dig in, stir things up, let it settle, and repeat, the better it gets.  I no longer run my business the way “they” say I should.  I want to work and that’s it.  I just want to impart my wisdom and reduce the risk of dependency by sharing what I know, what I’ve lived, and what I’ve witnessed.

My beloved Daisy who was diagnosed with bladder cancer over 2 years ago and revealed it had spread into her kidneys over  a year ago, still walks with a pep in her step and amazes everyone that she is 13 years old.

My husband and I just keep getting better and trusting more and more that even with the rough waters, we are together for the ride.  This is really an amazing and empowering place to be.

We just moved into a spacious town home with inspiring views of Mt. Hood and the cascades.  We feel confident we will enjoy this home until we decide how we want to live when we buy our next home.

We got to escort my oldest son, Cody, home from deployment and witness love and gratitude as he and his wife embraced for the first time in nine months.  This was an extended deployment due to the Syria concern which we all shared fear for our sailor.

My youngest son, Austin, will make us first time grandparents the beginning of 2014.  But I have been celebrating since the summer of 2013.

I have made peace with my strong and competent body.  It allows me to run for miles, wear great clothes, and I am gifted with the ability to breathe, hug, kiss, see, hear, communicate, taste, and feel.  Thank you, Jesus!  I had spent decades trying to hit a body weight that everybody else says is right.  I will continue to educate myself on nutrition and use exercise as my therapy and wellness plan.  Feeling great and able to live my life with plenty of energy are my gages.

Yes, I had to say goodbye to my sweet baby girl, Yoshi, on November 15th, 2013.  It was rather unexpected and heartbreaking.  And it launched what seemed to be an endless snowball of events to the very end of 2013.  We close this year by saying goodbye to the matriarch of my husbands family, Inga.  She left us on December 29th, 2013.

I have missed writing to you…allowing my visions, thoughts, musings, to take shape on these pages and sometimes learning a little bit more about the woman typing them.   I was starting to feel maybe I had lost my way, but reminded we sometimes need to be still and simmer to enhance the flavor of creativity.

It’s been a full life 2013!

Welcoming a greatly anticipated bright and beautiful 2014 <3

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– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach