Explore the Signs

Let’s talk some more about signs, shall we?


So, I mentioned in last week’s blog post about that gnawing feeling that you’re interpreting as a sign to slow down, cut back, or even stopping alcohol.

But a sign from whom?

You, your inner wisdom, higher being, spirit, Universe, God, Source, THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS!

But many of us just mute that message with a little more alcohol. Alcohol works perfectly at helping you forget, stop thinking, distract you from important yet uncomfortable thoughts.

Most of the women I talk with have pretty great lives. On paper, they look ideal.

  • Educated
  • Married
  • Nice home
  • Great kids
  • 401k
  • Career/Business
  • Comfortable
  • And wine friends


That gnawing feeling though…what to do about that? So, they drink, wake up the next day, feel like hell, and proceed in beating the crap out of themselves, only to be faced with the gnaw and the familiar and on the ready for relief, sure to get the job done, alcohol.

Now, what most of them do as they cycle through this day after day for what feels like months and actually is more realistically years, they will have moments of crises when they search, “do I have a problem?” Why, yes, you do! Call us immediately with your insurance card handy. An operator is standing by.


I argue many would be better served taking some deep breaths and do some soul searching. Focusing on the drinking keeps the ball in play. You may have heard a few of the following:

What you think about you bring about – Bob Proctor, Law of Attraction

Where your focus goes energy flows – Tony Robbins, Motivational Guru

Be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life – Proverbs 4:23

Whatever a monk keeps pursuing with his thinking and pondering that becomes the inclination of his awareness. – Buddha

Thinking about drinking or not drinking is precisely the problem with traditional approaches to addressing alcohol concerns. The primary focus is on alcohol, and the measure of success is abstinence.

The more we keep ringing the bell, I can’t drink, I haven’t drunk for x days, my last drunk, I remember when I drank I, when I used to drink, all keep alcohol in your thoughts.


Remember the gnawing?

What if alcohol is not the problem?

What if we are addressing the wrong thing?

Could that be why abstinence is a challenge?

Are you struggling to release your drinking habit because you don’t want to engage that pull from the inside?

I’ve been there. I tell about a kind of out of body, spiritual experience I had in my last days of drinking in Wholly Sober. I was clear in my mind, so clear, and experiencing my drunken body. It was a matter of weeks, maybe even days, and I quit drinking. I drank way more in volume and frequency than most women. My doctor was quite sure I had liver damage, but I was deemed healthy through lab tests and by grace.

I didn’t want to face the gnawing truth that I felt trapped in an abusive relationship with a man I detested.

But I finally got still and made a sobering decision to quit drinking. I didn’t know how I would get out of all the messes I had created over the years, but I knew forfeiting my life was no longer on the table.


Women, we are magnificent maskers of dissatisfaction. We chalk it up to, life ain’t so bad, it could be a lot worse, how dare I want for more, I got it pretty good, I’ll just suck it up.

If you’re choosing to sacrifice hours of your life by distracting yourself with alcohol – not being present, less than tuned in mornings from being hungover, and endless days shaming and guilting yourself, that’s not really living, babe. You deserve better.

What if you could identify the pain source, resolve it, and get on with your life without limiting labels, language, and beliefs?

That’s what I’m talking about!


Get curious about the gnawing. Explore.

Of course, you have developed a habit, and that pattern will need to be broken. But what I have found with time, intention, and practice, once the source of the drinking is addressed and resolved, the gnawing goes away, and the need to misuse alcohol ceases to exist.

It is a process that doesn’t brand alcohol as evil; the woman is empowered with choice, and ultimately opting out of life no longer feels necessary.

I’m here for you and just a click away. Look for the links in this article for resources that can help you move forward on your own if you so choose. For instance, click here for the latest newsletter.

Much love,

Teresa Rodden

Before you drink, Think P.I.N.K.