From as far as I can remember I have loved Halloween.  So much so, I was willing to “off” a made up relative.  When I was in 6th grade our outdoor school was scheduled directly over my beloved holiday.  I made up a horrific lie and tried my best to get out of going.  The thought of not getting in costume, running the neighborhood and collecting my rewards in candy, was devastating. My teacher must not have believed my story because my mom marched me to school and I was outed.  I was sentenced to one week at Camp Harold.  I don’t really remember much about the week only that we watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and passed around skinned grapes for Ichabod’s eyes that were pulled from his skull and wet cooked spaghetti that was his guts, to celebrate on the night of Halloween.

I still get child like come the first day of September.  Then I feel within my rights to celebrate the season of Halloween. I start slowly with candles that smell  like pumpkin.  I start collecting little autumn like decorations that leans toward Halloween.  But most importantly is the joy I feel.  As I said, it’s child like.  It’s a magical time full of creativity and imagination that lends itself to all parts of my life.

Black cats, ghosts, bats, haunted houses, pumpkins, witches, I’ll love them all.

What triggers your inner child?  How do you get in touch with your creativity and imagination?

You want to make a big shift?  Find something that takes you back to when you weren’t so “figured out”, aka grown up.  Allow yourself space and grace to continue to develop into the person you are becoming. Be child like and look at life with curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Happy Halloween Season!

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach

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