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Wow! What a ride. Matt Faler, with Mindful Inspiration Champion, an amazing human, interviewed me about Pink Cloud Coaching. I haven’t been interviewed in over two years. We discuss why that is and so much.

It felt good to be back and reconnected to the woman of my dreams – me, being Wholly Sober.

I created this index in case you want to listen to it in bite-size.

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Pink Cloud Coaching Teresa Rodden Sober Freedom


11:45 My curiosity was stoked


13:36 My life had become a bad country song


14:07 But still I persisted


16:30 What made me decide to share my message


18:00 I submitted an audio/video (video audition) to Oprah


24:00 What’s different about Pink Cloud Coaching from the traditional path


22:30 Doldrums drinking


23:00 Don’t put us in a box


25:00 Sober freedom


26:30 Why I’m relaunching Pink Cloud Coaching


28:00 I Lost connection to SELF


31:00 What is your why


33:00 Suffering through tremendous loss and thankful for my pink cloud


36:00 Predisposed?


42:22 Pink Cloud story


If I say “if you will” one more time – OMG LOLTeresa Rodden interview with Mindful Inspiration Champion


46:00 Let’s discuss how you work with clients


50:45 The benefit of a consultation with Teresa – you are loved


53:20 The number one feedback I get!


55:00 Unlimited text and email – what?!


57:00 Progress and success is an individual thing


59:00 About my books and the power of language


1:02:00 Conscious Choice for Change


1:03:00 Facebook page


1:04:00 I couldn’t have dreamt I would be the woman I am today


1:07:00 The future of Pink Cloud Coaching – my dreams


1:08:50 Lasting thoughts…. Awe the family dinner table <3 Sober Freedom is freedom from labels and all distractions from becoming the woman of their dreams. It’s not about the alcohol!


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Before you drink, Think PINK