my soul sings every little thing gonna be alrightIt’s amazing how if you open your mind and allow your spirit to expand your soul speaks.

I have woke up for the last week, maybe two, singing Bob Marley’s, “Every little thing gonna be alright.”  It’s amazing how if you open your mind and allow your spirit to expand your soul speaks.

I have a lot of pretty intense things going on in my world. I’ve always been a pretty good stuffer. Stuff it, keep your head down and plow through. Alcohol was extremely effective in achieving this level of stuffing.

That strategy can get you through, but eventually, you will hit a wall.

What I had not realized until writing this morning is, I have stopped watching my regular smut tv and started listening to inspiring and uplifting books. I started running again. I started organizing my office and writing like crazy.

These at one time were things I would have to be intentional about and have an end goal. Listening to a book because I want to learn something specific; running because I’m training for a race or trying to hit my weekly miles; organizing my office because – it’s out of control. I had no end game this time.

My soul took over.

I have a couple of close family members currently going through cancer treatment. One of them a second bout with lung cancer. I have experienced a bit of a betrayal in the last week. And a few other emotionally charged events.

It was a wild epiphany to know just as I had used alcohol to medicate stress in the past; my subconscious has these auto-pilot coping strategies that hi-jack my life and keep me healthy. I have replaced a habit that would compound the problem with habits that continue to move me forward.

I have used many of these activities as ways to get through pain before but never have I been so oblivious to the process. It’s cool on one hand, and kind of a heads up that I’m not as present as I try to be.

When you’re going through a storm how do you cope?
Is your coping strategy helping or hurting you?
What needs to change?

Just because you struggle with alcohol (or any other vice), it doesn’t make you alcoholic (or addict). Sometimes we just need to create new coping strategies and practice them enough to replace a harmful habit.

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