The “Pink Cloud” is a state of being.  It’s a set-point of all the powerful and positive truths of you.  It pulls you forward toward dreams and goals and keeps you safely anchored through the storms in life.

Because I am so passionate about using exercise as a conduit for life improvements I am offering a special:

4 session package $200.00 

Sessions will be within 5 miles radius of Lake Oswego

A few suggested walks:

Sellwood park trail along water front or neighborhood (can walk without hills)

Mountain Park Lake Oswego has 8 miles of dedicate walking trails (many hills)

Mary S. Young has great walking trails (can walk without hills)

And many neighborhoods

Low traffic is preferred for safety and talking purposes

Private Cloud Walks are 60 minutes

We will walk as long or short as you can want.  It’s YOUR time.

The topic and conversation is driven by YOU around you’re struggle with food and/or alcohol

Questions that have come up:

Do I only walk once a week?  You will only walk once per week with me.  There will be accountability calls, emails, or texts in-between sessions as you will need to walk a few more times for maximum benefit.  We will work on a route and schedule so there are no excuses.

What if I can’t walk for an hour?  I don’t have any expectations and look forward to working with you even if you can only walk 10 minutes.  We will make good use of your time.  Remember, you have a very knowledgeable health, wellness, entrepreneur, relationship, sobriety, woman interests, enthusiast at your beckon call during that hour.  Use it to discuss whatever challenges you in the moment. 

Can I try before I buy?  Absolutely, schedule a free coaching consultation call by going to: My Contact Page.

Can I schedule to walk with you more than once per week?  Yes, your sessions are for you to use as you wish.

Why are these sessions less than your regular coaching sessions?  Two reasons:  First, I am not “coaching” you on an end result or goal.  We are walking and talking.  I will give you 100% of my time, attention, and coaching prowess during our walk, but there is no in-between communication or accountability, additional homework, or personal growth exercises assigned.

Second, I want to offer an affordable high value opportunity for women to make progress in their life goals who are aware of unhealthy patterns.

Exercise is the best medicine.  It  can change your state of body, mind, and spirit!  It doesn’t have to be brutal.  It’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

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– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach

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