I have a little rebel, maybe a lot, in me. I live a sober life. I am a Christian. I don’t attend AA meetings. I don’t attend church. Yet, I have appreciation for both. Especially, if they keep you healthy and dare I say, happy – joyful most definitely. I have been told I’m not a Christian, if I don’t go to church. And I have been told I will get drunk, if I don’t go to meetings. To which I say, there are no guarantees, if I do or don’t do either of the above. Actually, what I know for sure is, if I go against my inherent grain, my soul, my spirit, my beliefs (which I challenge from time to time), I will more than likely end up drunk, bitter, and resentful.

Peace is my guide and love is my direction.

I was born with an independent soul that is connected to all living things. Peace is my guide and love is my direction. That’s truth for me. I have found I’m at greater risk when I fall under someone else’s spell in the way of their belief, truth, or way of living. If they, people of the church or program, fall out of step, are not rigorously honest, bend the rules, have shades of truth, areas of gray, seem disingenuous, yet are the first to talk program or preach the word in righteous tone, the whole promise crumbles, program or religion.

…sometimes I stand alone.

I found the way for me to be healthy and at peace, is to be willing to do my own work, and sometimes stand alone.  I study the word and talk to Jesus in my way, commune with the Father through nature, and be in the body of Christ through fellowship, in a less formal manner. I began my relationship with Christ unwittingly as a child, abandoned Him for most of my life, and it was He I returned to when I was lost and nearly broken. I began living my life many years ago, not as an alcoholic, but as a woman who digs deep, faces her fears, keeps no secrets, stop telling lies to herself. I am a woman who lives in forward motion, always growing. I got sober in the rooms of alcoholics anonymous, but I chose my sobriety over the rooms of AA, many years ago.believe in you alcoholics anonymous church and me

This is my way. I invite you to go deep and find your way.

Be still. Listen. Ask questions. Keep notes.

Get to know and love yourself. Practice. Change your mind.

Experiment. Express yourself. Take imperfekt action.

Make mistakes. Dust yourself off and carry on.

Dream. Aspire. Create a plan.

Go for it. It’s YOUR life…live it.

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach