We often mask our dissatisfaction, dissonance, denial, and more with alcohol, drugs, screen time, food, shopping, cleaning, gambling, networking, socializing all make excellent distractions. Look over here, not there. Ooooh, what was that?

Uh, huh.

How and when do we remove the mask? Do we need to remove the mask? Because sometimes we don’t want to see, face, look at what’s under the mask.

Pink Cloud Coaching doesn’t subscribe to the traditional thoughts, beliefs, and approaches to address masking with drinking habits.

You won’t hear the common language of recovery or addiction. The focus is not on the alcohol but on overwhelming you with possibilities, confidence, curiosity, hope, love, and freedom.


My most recent mask had been in place for years before I realized it was creating an illusion. Think of using a mask for alcohol just as a mask is intended, to create an illusion of who you are supposed to be, not who you are.

I am not the clever marketer or promoter with an exciting twist. I only know how to share my experiences and what I have learned along the way.

But for years, I tried different approaches, and more and more, I began opting out, pushing away from what had brought me such joy that I now wasn’t sure I wanted to do anymore.

Feeling underwhelmed, I chose to mask my dissatisfaction with screen time; YouTube videos, television, and social media. Instead of writing, creating content, developing products and services to help women like my mom, me in my younger years, and all the women who have reached out over the last decade, I disconnected from outreach efforts.

And nothing goes better with screen time than snacking. I masked my dissonance to nearly two hundred and twenty pounds.


The unmasking was a knot I had to work at from the outside in. If I had stopped at the outside, just addressing the body, it wouldn’t have been enough to sustain me for the long haul. I needed to uncover my why, not why I got here, but why I wanted something different.

I knew what I needed wasn’t a diet or an exercise program. I knew these things. Besides, I couldn’t walk around our block without being in tremendous pain. I would lie in bed at night with my feet aching and fuzzy feeling.

Of course, those things would help my body (outside) shrink, but it wouldn’t have been enough to keep me going. And it wasn’t going to resolve what got me there in the first place – disconnection from SELF.

Intuitively, I knew removing the mask would take me time, intention, and practice being who I wished to be. This was no different than when I stopped drinking over eighteen years ago and smoking more than twenty.

Recognizing the mask was even in place was the key. Then what was the illusion that the mask was helping me create? Are you following me? Because I’m giving you gold here.

We often don’t even realize we are masking ourselves. We are not expressing, pursuing, imagining, living from our inside (heart’s desire) out (the expression).


We need to lead our lives from what our hearts desire. If we don’t, we mask our dissonance with alcohol, food, people, pretty much anything that keeps us from acknowledging the truth within our souls.

The process is simple.

  • Identify the mask is there.
  • What are you distracting with the mask?
  • Who do you wish to become?

Simple doesn’t always mean easy. It rarely does.


What if you had a community to help you explore the possibilities, create tools, collect resources, practice being, and be encouraged to push forward?

Do you know what happens when you focus all your attention on what you want? What you don’t want fades away.

Pink Cloud Coaching is rolling out a membership targeted at women like you who refuse to be identified by their struggle and are willing to do the work to become the woman of their dreams.

This membership will not be hundreds of women because I want to be part of your journey.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more. I’m just a click away. https://www.teresarodden.com/contact-me/#consultation


Much love,