Nothing brings me more joy than helping women step into their power and breaking free from the tethers of alcohol.

I purposely try to avoid using words like addiction, dependence, abuse, and all the other more popular terms.  I have found working with women, through my own experience, obsessive study and research, that these terms are not, as general, as they are used.

When a woman comes to me seeking support we first have a very candid conversation about what they want and we explore their level of commitment.  It’s not always the right fit.  I have been told, even though we don’t move forward in a coach and client relationship…yet, that they felt cared for during our conversation.   I do care.  I care deeply about women who are suffering with this particular struggle.  I know what it feels like to be where they are now.  Alone and confused are commonly used to describe  what they are feeling.  But it’s not always the right time.

Pink Cloud Coaching is not the only game in town and it’s not for every woman.  It does fit very well for successful women seeking a level of discretion and values the focus on addressing their life as a whole and not just the alcohol use.

But as I mentioned there are other options and following are just a few:

Alcohol Anonymous:  Click here for a questionnaire

Women For Sobriety:  Click here for the 13 steps

SMART Recovery:  Click here to learn more

There are quite a few different 12 step fellowships that are surfacing.  I have personally seen Buddhism and/or Yoga practiced in conjunction with the 12 step fellowship methodology.  The 12 steps are most commonly associated with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Recovery Centers seem to be on the rise in the market of recovery as well.

The point of this post is to demonstrate there are options.   Start by exploring what you want in support.  Here are a few questions to help:

Are you seeking total abstinence or looking to moderate your drinking?

Do you prefer individual or group support?

How much time can you commit to a program or process?

How important is discretion to you?

Do you consider yourself an alcoholic?

Do you want help in other areas of your life?

Every woman has a unique set of circumstances, needs, and experiences.  Not everyone who is experiencing problems with alcohol is an alcoholic.  With so many options, it’s worth exploring what works best for the individual.  What’s most important is that you or your loved one is feeling empowered and able to accomplish the objective…FREEDOM.

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach