You are not done!

If there were one message I wish women would receive to their soul’s core, you are not done!

Why is that?


Because by the time they are talking to me, many women feel exhausted, spent. Typically it’s not because they are running and gunning twenty-four hours a day, but they are not excited about living life. There’s no mystery, no magic. No, imagine the possibilities. Being stagnant is draining.

They have their perfectly coiffed lives all figured out, and it feels flat. Is this all there is?

Until they slip into that euphoric first few sips of alcohol, then all is well, if only for a few hours.

This is what I call doldrums drinking. If I didn’t drink, what would I do?

Even though they feel like crap in the morning, dragging ass and labeling themselves something along the lines of loser, drunk, fuckup, or a myriad of other descriptors, as the day ticks on, the call to escape come once more. What else could I do?


Getting online and doing innocent searches on problem drinking, drinking problems, do I have a problem, how much alcohol is too much, and their education begins on the ISMS of alcohol. Alcohol is the problem you can’t help yourself. Your Uncle John was an alcoholic; it’s not your fault. The establishment is the problem; they are seducing you to think you need to drink.

Believe it or not, these scenarios are much easier to digest than disrupting their pretty good life by exploring other possibilities such as what is missing? How are you expressing yourself? What do you want? Who do you want to be? If you were lying on your bed awaiting transition to whatever comes after this life, what dreams, goals, aspirations would be haunting you? You could have brought me to life, but you didn’t? Why?

But this is who I am; this is what my family expects; this is what my friends love about me. Is it enough for you?


Look, I’m not talking to you from a righteous throne of having all the answers, but I have been where you are, and I have had to shed versions of me that kept me drunk and stuck and, another time, weighed down literally, more to come on that. It took hitting pause, becoming still, getting curious, willing to explore, and taking risks to return to self. It’s easy to become disconnected in a world that overwhelms us with options to distract ourselves.


Change is not always comfortable. It requires us to trust in not knowing. We have no insurance that what we do is right, only that it can’t be wrong. What?! No matter what choices we make, we will end up exactly where we are supposed to be. That’s a little thing called faith.

We are designed to evolve by learning and growing for our entire lives – it’s called living. Imagine that.


Hey, this is my passion, my purpose, to help women set down their drink and discover a life they dared not dream about. If you’re ready to explore some possibilities, I would be honored to join you on a journey of self-discovery and freedom.

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Much love,








Before you drink, Think P.I.N.K.