Thoughts are powerful.

Are your thoughts reinforcing or releasing your struggle with alcohol?

When I decided to live sober, I subscribed to the belief that my mom was an alcoholic so that made me an alcoholic. And I assumed all the beliefs that went around being an alcoholic. Well, at least for the first year.

I am offering you an opportunity to start exploring how taking charge of your thoughts, can change the hold alcohol has on you.

There is scientific proof that our genes are only a blueprint of what and who we are. what we think we become - thoughts become things It will take our thoughts, behavior and lifestyle habits  (environment) to build out the blueprint. In the world of science, this is called Epigenetics.

What this means is if alcoholism is  genetic, it doesn’t mean you are destined to be alcoholic. Unless, you think, believe, and live like an alcoholic. Of course, I hear what some of you might be saying…well, if I’m an alcoholic, I can’t help myself. If you believe that and don’t do anything to unbelieve that, you are right!

What if you changed your thoughts about your struggle with alcohol?

This is a quick snapshot to share one of the areas I have discovered that can shift your belief and behavior around alcohol and possibly empower you to make a change with little to no struggle.

A quick and easy read to start understanding Epigenetics is, The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton. Also, available on

Want to take it up a notch? Add exercise and nutrition into the mix. Here’s a quick Ted Talk that is fun and informative. Watch a quick Tedx Talk with Doctor and Scientist, Pamela Peeke.

If you’re interested in expanding your personal views and understanding about this overwhelming affliction, then open your mind and explore. Get curious.

Read and follow the work of all the experts studying this field before you dismiss it. That’s the brave and bold thing to do.

If you would like personal support and ready to Let Go of your struggle and Take Charge of your life, contact me now. I’m ready when you are.