I just read an opinion based article on CNN, “Why are women drinking more”, and it’s more of the same from the limited stories reported on women and drinking.   They give a couple of scenarios – the stay at home mom who drinks because she is bored and then there is the professional who drinks while entertaining clients and “drinks like one of the guys”.

I don’t know if women are drinking more than ever.  I don’t really care.  Wait…hear me out.  What I do care about is how women are getting hooked in the habit of using alcohol for calming their nerves, building their confidence, being bold, fitting in, curing their boredom, and shutting down the noise and demands of their life.  The danger is that they turn to it more and more to cope and eventually can become dependent.

There is a huge opportunity between healthy imbibing and dependency for women to develop a new relationship with alcohol.

My father’s mother died when he was a young boy by driving herself and friends into a church.  The impact was so hard it knocked the church off its foundation. My father told me that my maternal grandmother “drank just like one of the guys”.  My mother drank until she physically couldn’t lift another drink and I too, “drank just like one of the guys”.  Sounds familiar right?  Actually I could drink most guys under the table.

I think there have always been women who “drink like one of the guys”.  Only now everything in life is more exposed and on display due to modern technology.  I’m glad we’re talking about it.

Yes, over drinking can be a problem. But instead of focusing on alcohol being the problem, I like to focus on the woman and the solution.

What is leading women to drink and how to shift their focus from escape to engage life?

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– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach