The Big Leap is Pink Cloud Coaching’s book to explore and examine for December.



Everything I read, watch, or listen to for nearly twenty years has been through the lens of how this help could help someone address their alcohol concern. Because I started disconnecting from the recovery community around month six and left the community around nine months, I didn’t and haven’t followed the traditional path to stop drinking for more than eighteen years.

What I did do was apply the logic and processes that focused on being successful. I subscribed to Darren Hardy’s Success magazine and looked forward to the CDs that would arrive every month. Each CD  had two or three speakers and then a final note from Darren Hardy that wrapped up the theme of the CD. I listened to John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and read the greats like Think and Grow Rich, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, The Success Principles, Awaken the Giant Within, and so on. I read and studied books like this month’s read, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. 


My process focused on who I wanted to be and being that person. What would she do? How would she spend her days? Who would she spend time with? What would they do? What matters most to her? These were (and are) the questions and the focus of my quest to become the woman of my dreams. And the woman of my dreams wants to be impactful, live a life with meaning, and be fueled by love.


This brings me to the focus of The Big Leap; I have an upper limit problem. I can only see myself experiencing so much success, and then I sabotage myself with distracting behaviors. Can you relate?

If you’re drinking after you said you no longer want to drink and have had many conversations with yourself and others counting the reasons why you should stop and continue with the act, I suspect you may have an upper limit problem too.

You’re smart, successful, have a good life. It’s just this one thing that isn’t great, drinking. Well, drinking too much and when you said you weren’t going to. So you do what most people do, focus on and measure your success by whether you drink or not. But if you do drink, now what? Something in the back of your mind says, “See I knew you couldn’t do it.” You double down, maybe find a support group, and really really mean it this time.

I get it. It makes sense. This is the traditional path, and everybody does it.

I am willing to bet the farm, I don’t have a farm, but if I did, I would bet that alcohol is not the problem, but a distraction from the true pain.


Yes, I quit drinking almost nineteen years ago, but it wasn’t by focusing on the days I didn’t drink. It was putting all of me into creating a life I wanted. What if you stopped focusing on alcohol and started focusing on who you want to be?

You have the life you want. I hear you. I have worked with hundreds of women who are successful by anyone’s standards, but there is always a lost sense of self and a lack of fulfillment. Many realize they have taken on a role. This is who I am, I can’t change now. Everybody knows me as this me. Yes, I’ve heard this too many times to count.

And always into the process, we start hearing and experiencing a voice, thoughts, and ideas that felt new. But as we continue the work she realizes, these daydreams and desires were with her for decades. She stuck them in a pocket and forgot that they even existed. Can you relate?


My life is settled; my husband expects this, and my kids rely on me for that. My work demands that I am this person, and my community loves that I…. fill in the blank.

What about you?

One of my favorite quotes by Mary Oliver is a question I want to implant into every human’s psyche, particularly women.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Look, I don’t have all the answers, but I know that you do in your heart and soul. I also know that we can experience massive transformations with and without “burning down the house.” I have done it both ways.

I know for sure that the happier and fulfilled you are, the happier and fulfilled your loved ones will be. If you have a dark edge about you that is not happy or feeling good, it affects your ability to connect with and attract healthy interactions.

I love when I can identify when something is off or out of alignment. That means with a new awareness; I can improve and be better. Just like recognizing I have an upper limit problem. I am excited about where this newfound insight will take me.


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Much love,

Teresa Rodden Coach Author Advocate Sober Freedom