Forgive my look, but don’t forget my message.

I just finished a workout that included my 50 squats a day for the American Cancer Society squat challenge. I had something I wanted to say, and as what happens so often, I’ll table it until hair and makeup, and I lose the spirit in the message. Not this time!

There is this important opportunity to offer new insight to an old problem that has been addressed the same old way for nearly a century and just can’t wait for perfect conditions any longer for me to speak up and speak out.

On December 24, 2021, doors will open to a unique approach to override habits that are keeping you from your zen, glee, fabulosity, whatever you want to call your desired outcome or wish to be.

My Mother is my why. I love her so much and lost her from this earthly plane last April.

When I think about how I wish I could have helped her, I don’t think about how I wish I could have helped her quit drinking. I think about how I wish I could have helped her feel so good she didn’t think she needed to drink to cope, accept the life she had, or settle for whatever crumbs were thrown at her.

I wish I could have encouraged her to love herself more, dream bigger, trust her gut, and know deeply she deserved better. That’s what I want for all women….and men too. We all need each other.

When we do better and feel better, everyone around us is impacted – kids, spouses, friends, and community.

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Much love,

Teresa Rodden Coach Author Advocate Sober Freedom