This! “Be In-Purpose”

That’s my 2015 intention, focus, mantra, phrase, dedication, goal, commitment.

It took some time for it to surface and hit me like a brick wall when it did.

I had to take it to God on the trail. I was reeling with something shiny and new and got distracted from my purpose.

What started as an exciting new supplemental offering, quickly turned into an energy draining fixation.

I began feeling frustration, resentment, and disappointment.

With each step on that trail, I was more convicted to do nothing unless I was in-purpose.

My purpose is to provide a soft place to land for the woman who is silently suffering in her struggle with food or alcohol through Pink Cloud Coaching‘s programs and processes developed from years of hard work, experience, research and study.

What is your purpose?

Have you lost your way?

We are all capable of losing focus.

Especially when a shiny new exciting prospect presents itself.

The beautiful thing is – You can return to your purpose more exhilarated, invigorated, and impassioned.