I came a across an old newsletter article I wrote in 2009, when I did coaching and consulting under A Woman Divine.  At the time, I was going in too many directions.  I led women’s networking groups, created groups for professional organizations, held Think Tanks and Coffee Talks for Fempreneurs, trying to coach anybody for everything, and I was confusing the hell out of everybody, including myself.

Raise your hand if you know of a coach who wants to help women step into their power.  Right?!  Unfortunately, although it seems clear enough, it’s not.  And there are quite literally a saturation of coaches, mentors, or authors, who are vying for that role.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than holding space for a woman to emerge from the confines of parental grooming, societal influence, and peer pressure.  This could definitely be interpreted as, “stepping into your power”, but it’s such a deeper and richer experience to release the struggle from food or alcohol.  And it has a lot to do with letting go of control, which could be viewed as power.

My vision, mission, and focus has definitely evolved, but my heart remains the same as it did many years ago.  I enjoyed reading how, although much has changed, my heart has remained the same – to be a witness, encourager, and to simply love.  Enjoy the read!

From the heart of
“A Woman Divine”

Every woman has a story.

This is something that I have had the immense pleasureA Woman Divine experiencing in the last few months.

The woman who feels like she just needs a minute for herself from the constant push and pulls of being a single mom.

The woman who fights the loneliness of being left behind by her husband’s passing.

The woman who fights the urge to burst into tears simply because she is overwhelmed with the ever increasing demands of the modern day woman.  Including but not limited to:  Mother, Wife, Aunt, Business Owner, Employee, Volunteer, Sister, Good Neighbor, Dog Walker, Banker, Cook, Cleaner, Lover, Christian, and the list goes on.

The interesting thing is these women are not my clients.  These are women whom I had never met before, who literally stopped me while walking my dog, all at different times and different places that just needed someone to hear them.  I’m grateful I was able to gift them my time and be a quiet listener.

So, remember to be kind and always keep your heart open.  You never know when someone might need to share their story.  Consider yourself blessed if someone finds comfort in your company to tell you theirs.

Sometimes all we need is just to be heard to make the grit not so gritty.

Keeping an open heart ~

Teresa Rodden, CPC

A Woman Divine