Like many women of today, Cindy has more than a full plate.  This woman has a buffet.  Cindy is a very successful business owner and works with high profile clients.  Being a leader in her industry she is in demand and often traveling to different parts of the world. Now add to that, aging parents that over a relatively short period of time have had some pretty serious health issues, which required life decisions and changes.   All of which falls on the devoted and dutiful daughter, Cindy.

Can’t you just feel the noose getting tighter?  I sure can.

Cindy came to me concerned that she was heavier than she had ever been and how she was using alcohol.  It didn’t surprise me that she turned to alcohol and food for comfort.  She was seeking a place of refuge and alcohol and food are always willing to oblige.  Alcohol and food are readily available to help us shut down, check out, or blunt the ever increasing demands of life.  It’s easy to slip into routine, pattern, habit and quite possibly dependency.  She had good reason to be concerned.

Cindy shared with me she felt comfortable with my approach because I don’t focus on the alcohol and the food.  I focus on the woman and what her dreams, aspirations and goals are.  I help her identify her ideals, needs and values – these are main components of a Pink Cloud.  Working together she made some agreements on how she would handle her alcohol use and how she would approach her weight.  The key here is “she made the agreements” with and for herself.

The test…

A few weeks ago, she mentioned she brought some alcohol in her home.  This conflicted with her original agreement.  She recently admitted to me that when she “confessed” (her word) what she had done – she was watching my face and weighing my words in reaction to her confession.  And when all I did was acknowledge with an “uh-huh” and no changing expression, she knew she could trust me.  I wasn’t going to judge, make her feel guilty, or shame her.   And remember, her agreements are with and for her.

I am NOT the booze patrol.  My job is to support my clients in creating a life so damned amazing it’s worth living well for.  Their dreams, aspirations, and goals are what I help them focus on and create a lifestyle that supports their Pink Cloud and keeps them moving forward.

I’m happy to report Cindy is losing weight effortlessly, finding refuge in alternative ways, and her tremendously successful business just keeps getting better.   Her motto is “I drink to Celebrate not Self-Medicate”.

What could you accomplish with a “been there-done that”, purpose driven, caring and compassionate coach by your side?

Teresa Rodden

Founder/Certified Coach

Pink Cloud Coaching

*Clients information only shared with their consent and names are changed.

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach