P.I.N.K. Thinking pulls you through stormy moments

What is the Positive

Focus on you as the Individual

What is the truth right Now

Always remember to be Kind to yourself

Yoga is not an activity that comes natural to me.  In fact, I love the concept and benefits, not so thrilled with the actual work.  My body simply doesn’t bend, stretch, and twist easily and my breathing technique has always been on the side of hyperventilating.  This is exactly why I need yoga to maximize my healthy body potential.

Feeling completely out of my element and shutting down every fantastic excuse that bubbled up, I attended a new yoga class.  It was a smaller group of just three women and the instructor.  My stinking thinking mind had me in a class surrounded by 100 hippie yoga gurus that bend into pretzels leaving me to feel self-conscious and inferior.  Side note: stinking thinking is a negative track of thinking that is not based on facts.      

There I was straining, sweating, and panting, while the others were graceful and poised breathing effortlessly.  In truth, I was more focused on my survival than paying much attention to them.  I found myself stinking thinking about how I suck at this, I’m never going to be good at or like yoga, and concocting 1000 reasons why I should let go of this crazy notion to integrate yoga into my health regime.

As I was listening to this chatter in my head, I consciously shifted to PINK Thinking.  I rallied together all that I want to accomplish, where I want to go, and who I want to be!   I am here and actually doing it.  I am getting stronger starting today and I could feel my spirit expanding.  Do I love yoga?  No.  I do love how my body feels from it. It improves my running and makes it less painful, my body overall feels more fluid,  it helps with my asthma, and if I can be disciplined to do what I don’t love to do, that makes me more powerful in pursuit of my goals.

I hadn’t put a name to this process, now called PINK Thinking, but it’s the core of what Pink Cloud living is.  The Pink Cloud holds all your strengths, personal power, dreams, goals, values, needs, ideals, and every positive morsel that makes you, YOU!  It is the TRUTH of you.  It’s the focus that keeps your feet on the ground during stormy weather and gives you courage, confidence, and conviction to stretch yourself.  No pun intended…well maybe a little pun.

What stinking thinking is stopping you from moving forward? 

What can you put in your Pink Cloud that will inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough?

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach