Let me share with you – I’m a little bit of a rebel.

The “pink cloud” is when you take powerful and purposeful steps toward  living your life without relying on food and/or alcohol for self-medicating purposes. You are hopeful and optimistic about the future even though you have some work to do.  Sounds pretty good right?

It’s not, if you’re in some traditional recovery communities.  According to them the pink cloud is a temporary state of denial, that eventually fades and drops you smack into reality hell, where  misery and pain are sure to come calling.  I guess choosing to live a better life can’t possibly be a happy place.

This can set a person who is experiencing some joy in recovery on pins and needles waiting for the floor to drop out from beneath them.  It’s a story to believe as fact or throw your finger up at it and press on.  I chose the latter.

The pink cloud is really about facing your truth, taking responsibility and doing better by you.  Realize you’re not perfect and work on being the best you – you can be.

You can look at this one of two ways.  Either you look at it as I’m broken or I’m committed to doing and being better.  If you’re broken then you stop, progress is never made, it’s the final chapter in your story.  If you’re committed to doing and being better then… this sucks, hurts like hell, but I am moving forward and making progress.

I say choose the pink cloud and never let go of it.  Let it take you to new awarenesses, unexplored interests, yet to be discovered dreams.

I chose to get in my pink cloud and build on it over 10 years ago.  Quite frankly, losing the businesses, cars, house, and stuff was nothing compared to those that I trusted trying to take away my sanctuary of hope, my pink cloud.

I surrendered everything to have peace.  That peace gave me the ability to stand in my truth and face an unknown future fearlessly.  I know without the truth I have nothing.  I know if I live, do, and be my truth I have everything.  That’s my pink cloud.   It’s filled with hope and possibilities and continues to take me to new heights.

Are you ready to create your very own Pink Cloud?

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach