It’s okay if you get tired… rest!

Today I am feeling tired. Just wiped out. It could be from the weekend activities and what I’m hoping is the “end” of a cold. But I just feel blah. Add this to my morning ritual of checking in on social media and all things business and finding my first critical review for Wholly Sober. wholly sober teresa rodden pink cloud coaching if tired restNow, I’m not in a world of believing no one can find fault in my work, but on a morning where I’m already dragging, could there be worse timing? And as I ask myself this question I get a hell yes there could be. I could have woken up feeling exuberant and cheerful and full of energy and knocked back with a two-star, you suck, review. So, let’s begin with some truth telling, shall we?

I’m tired. That’s the truth. And I could use some rest. I have been working full speed with a bad cold, one of the worst I’ve had in a decade. Although it’s clearly on its way out, last night I woke up with a coughing fit and took some nighttime medicine that sunk its teeth into me making me especially groggy this morning. On top of an action-packed weekend filled with a rambunctious three-year-old grandson I ended the weekend with my first ever kayak experience, and it was divine. But even being that it was divine, it was a first, and there is a charge of energy with “firsts” that can be draining.

And then… dun dun dunnnnn

I enter my online world of business bright and early and what do I discover? I have disappointed a reader. Of course, this is bound to happen. Welcome to the world of putting yourself out there naked and exposed. But today?! Of course, today! Why not today? Okay, I’m done with the dramatics.

In fairness, it was actually a good review and great feedback. If it weren’t for the actual two-stars, I would have thought it would be a higher star-rated review. The reader felt cheated. She felt I didn’t share what Wholly Sober is and how-to, and I feel bad for that. I truly do. Wholly Sober – How I Stopped Thinking About Drinking and Started Loving My Life is a memoir about my relationship with alcohol. It is not a how-to book. I had discussed the concern over the word “how” that’s in the subtitle with my editor, and we decided it’s about “How I.” But I get it. I get her disappointment and look forward to completing my next book project that will be more of a how-to or “how-you.”.


The truth is what has kept me sober for over fourteen years is how I go after life sober. I mean I GO AFTER LIFE. I have never sat in the “why can’t I drink, I can’t drink, wish I could drink” pool of thought. It’s been what am I going to do now that I’m wide eyed and awake? I have all this life to live where on earth shall I start? What’s next?!

Regardless, she was very kind and thoughtful in her words, and I really do appreciate her honesty and that she took the time to leave a review.

So what does this tired and Wholly Sober gal do when she gets hit with a less than stellar review or criticism? I face it head on and own every piece of it. I look at what I could have done better and how I can move forward in peace. And then, I rest.

I hope if you’re feeling tired or receive some less than great feedback you can find comfort in these words. Sometimes we just need to exhale and give ourselves permission to be imperfect and to rest.

Teresa Rodden is the founder and owner of Pink Cloud Coaching, Author of Wholly Sober, creator of 28 Day Resolve, and of several woman based groups and organizations that recognize the unique needs and challenges of 2002 to 2015 Teresa Rodden Pink Cloud Coachingwomen.

She’s passionate about helping women identify their personal power and break the need to misuse life-sucking vices robbing women of their one and only precious life experience. Living Wholly Sober is not recovery! Click here to talk.