I’m Following My Dream – I Want The Same For You

For the last two years I have been vacillating between my dream and my comfort zone.  My comfort zone health and weight loss coaching – I started my work in health and weight loss in 2003 and loved watching the transformations when people would really dedicate themselves to the process.  I can always see their potential long before they do and it’s inspiring.

This focus was just a small facet of my true passion and desire.

All my life I have watched someone close to me, that I love with much of my heart and soul, drink herself into sickness and sadness.  My personal journey had a different terrain but the path seemed eerily familiar.  She drank for confidence, she drank for stress, she drank for loneliness, she drank for boredom, and before she knew it, she was too sick to drink.

My dream is to set the female spirit free.  Where she no longer needs booze (or other agents) to fill her loneliness, to make her feel confident, to ease her nerves in social situations, or to make a seemingly bad day better.  I want to watch her stand powerfully in her world.  Awake, conscious, and ALIVE!   Where she has clarity, dignity, and deeply in love with herself.

Yes, life can be excruciatingly painful.  And without something to numb the pain it may feel as though you can’t handle it.  But nothing is worse then dulling that pain with drink and waking up to face it with a hangover and actions that may have made it even worse.

The four pillars of living sober successfully for me has been to Fill Up On L.I.F.E. –  Love, Integrity, Forgiveness, and Experience.

I look and find love in all I do and with who I spend time with.  I speak, live and stand in my truth.  I work to forgive as soon as possible (including myself), and I live life as an experience to be curious about, learn and grown from and accept that it’s never going to be perfect.

Not all drinking is bad.  But it’s a slippery slope if you’re using it to “feel” better, different, stronger, confident, braver, happier, relaxed, and so on.

For you…

The new year is knocking and I am always full of hope and optimism and super excited about all the possibilities to come.  A new year is like a new beginning, a fresh start.  It’s one of the cleanest breaks available to everyone every year.

Don’t make your New Year Resolution under the influence of booze, drugs, or other people.  Find a comfortable spot, put on some inspiring music, light a candle, and write out some dreams you would like to see come to fruition in 2013.  Do so in complete abandon.  No filter of how or why…just write what your heart tells you.

I believe you can do whatever has been put on your heart to do!

From me to you with love and care,

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach

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