Pink Cloud Process and Programs

The “Pink Cloud Process” is about creating a natural and organic state of well-being.  It’s a set-point for all the powerful and positive truths of you.

Once while being interviewed I was asked, “why are you so passionate about your work?”.  After I shared my story he was clearly moved and said, “you’re a survivor”.  I said, “No, it’s all part of the woman I’m Be-Coming.”

I don’t see myself as a survivor.  I see myself as ever evolving – every life experience contributes to the betterment of me and thereby those I touch.  That’s how I see you.  That’s why I have  created a way to offer you the same freedom to Be-Come.


BE: to exist – I am.   COME:  to move forward – moving forward.

“BE-COME” Phases One and Two


(1) 90 minute session followed by (3) 60 minute sessions with 4 Extensive Fact Finding -Truth Telling – Discovery Assessments.

An exploration fueled by curiosity and a safe space to dig deep and explore. 

Holds the promise of rich information used to create awareness and clarity. 

Includes three distinctive keys that seem simple enough but unlocks hidden truths, limited beliefs, and what really matters to you.

By the end of the assessment series you will have obtained great wisdom giving you the confidence to move forward with truth and conviction.  No matter what your goal.

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“Thank you for giving me the internal drivers that I needed to get to a place of self respect, clarity and determination. I couldn’t be happier with your work!”  – Client testimonial after just 4 weeks

PHASE TWO – 2 month minimum

Month 2 and 3 – (4) 45 minute session each month with action and accountability

Taking all the rich information derived from I AM you begin with the ending of PHASE ONE – you will forecast what you really want – your hopes, dreams, and goals with decisiveness and confidence.  

Uniquely effective in helping YOU take charge of your life. 

You’re going to create a master plan with specific and productive steps inspired by the TRUTH of you. 

Creating a natural and powerful magnet pulling you toward your desired life

Revealing and directing you away from what doesn’t support you.

Purposefully and powerfully moving in the direction of YOUR dreams and aspirations.

“Teresa has a giftedness in helping you search deep inside to find what motivates and inspires you.” – RG

PHASE THREE – ($125.00 per month)


A regular check-in on all systems (1) hour session each month.  Review, Revise, Resume.

You are now enjoying the freedom from self-medicating, numbing life, checking out, overusing or misusing food and/or alcohol.  Or simply focused and Pink Cloud driven for achievement.

Your relationships, work, health and future are bright and full of hope and possibilities.


You are ready to enjoy the rewards of Pink Cloud Living

Keep your head in your Pink Cloud to Thrive

Empowered to Weather any Storm

Always Moving Forward

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– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach

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