The infamous pink cloud…

If you have had any experience in recovery whether it’s you or someone you know, there is this thing called the pink cloud.  I was going to write mythical, but in fact, it’s very real.  Mostly because the people sharing the “pink cloud” wisdom, passed on from generations, sell it as fact.  This can set the person in recovery on pins and needles waiting for the floor to drop from beneath them.  It’s a story to believe as fact or throw your finger up at it and press on.

After some deeper research about the pink cloud it’s really about facing your truth and cleaning up your mess.  This does not just apply to recovery from substance abuse.  This applies to life people.

Whenever you are delivered a blow in life the 12 steps can be instrumental in restoring some order in your life.  The fourth step is when this pink cloud seems to blow up, “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”   Can you see where this might put a halt to all the butterflies and rainbows…the pink cloud?

You can look at this one of two ways.  Either you look at it as I’m broken or I’m a work in progress.  If you’re broken you stop.  Progress is never made.  This is the final chapter.  If you’re a work in progress, this sucks, hurts like hell, but I can do better.  I can choose to write a twisting plot that throws the hero of the story in a completely, to be explored, direction.

I say ride the pink cloud.  Let it take you to new heights, unexplored territory, yet to be discovered magic.  That was my choice many years ago.  Quite frankly, losing the businesses, cars, house, friends, was nothing compared to those that I trusted trying to blow up my pink cloud.  I surrendered everything to have peace.  That peace gave me the ability to face an unknown future fearlessly.  I know without the truth I have nothing.  I know if I live, do, and be my truth I have everything.  That’s my pink cloud.   It’s filled with hope and possibilities.

Never settle my darlings.

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach

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