What’s Your Drinking Objective? 

Most of us don’t even think about it. We just drink. Of course, when I say we, I mean me many many moons ago.
What's your drinking objective Wholly Sober and Pink Cloud Coaching
In Wholly Sober I discovered that the women in my family didn’t drink because they were alcoholics, they drank because they were in a lot of pain. Not physical pain. The pain of losing any sense of self. Any hope of choice over their life. Every one of them stopped drinking without any intervention or program. They each came to a point in their life where they simply decided to stop. That’s why I say they weren’t alcoholics. Although the path of destruction was so great even I at one time used the term (alcoholic) liberally. Instead, they were misusing alcohol. Using it as a way to escape or forget, not think, if only for a moment.


My mom never knew freedom without alcohol. It was her only escape. Alcohol gave her the courage to speak, dance, and leave her home to run amok. Alcohol gave her a pass to live HER life. Unfortunately, the cost was brutal beatings, rapes, and arrests. Even in the years that mom didn’t drink, she was not at peace and struggled with a lot of inner turmoil. She has not passed on but has Alzheimer’s. This past couple of years has been somewhat bittersweet. We have read and learned Alzheimer’s ugly end, but mom, for the first time I’ve ever witnessed has peace.


I’ll do everything I can to help women break free from the need to misuse alcohol. My mom misused it because of her lost sense of self. She never felt she had any power of choice. She was simply trying to survive. I misused alcohol because of the pain of shame which graduated into all around hopelessness.
What’s your drinking objective? Think about it.
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