Why Women, food and alcohol?

I started working with women around weight loss over 10 years ago.  First, through LA Weight Loss a popular weight loss clinic that has since shut their doors.  I loved my work and connecting with the women, but hated how the managers would not allow us the time to troubleshoot or problem solve when there was money to be made.  I understand they were in the business to make money.

I then started my own group support out of my home and used www.meetup.com as a way of finding women who would be interested in such a thing.  I put a limit of 10 women for the group and felt that would be the most manageable.  I honestly couldn’t imagine 10 women coming to my home every Monday evening for support around weight loss.  I was at capacity within 24 hours of being announced.  I had no idea what I was doing, but as it turned out I was coaching.

I enjoyed the gathering and providing interesting topics to discuss, helping with challenges and creating strategies, but wanted more.  Within a couple months I was getting certified for health coaching.  What was shocking was how many women so desperately wanted to lose weight, but after the first week, month, or so back to old behaviors they’d go.

I went in search for more wisdom, knowledge and training.  I graduated from the Baraka Institute with my Whole Person Design Coach certification.  Now, I’m armed.  Surely, I can help these women now.  I spent a couple more years frustrated that I couldn’t help some of my clients lose and keep the weight off.

It wasn’t until I got quiet and observed my own behavior how I used food and alcohol in the past, retraced my work with clients, and started studying research around behavior.

It came to me how I live sober is how I will live fit.  My Pink Cloud.  I am sober today and remain sober because I have this huge vision of where I want to go, who I want to be, and how I want to live.

We have to have something to LIVE for, a pay off, a reward, in order to change our lives.  I mean something Pink Cloud in the sky huge big to live for.  Something that feeds our spirit and touches our soul.  Something that if I drink – I don’t get that life I envision.  I keep moving forward.

So if you are struggling with food and/or alcohol.  Start digging deep.  And if your dreams, aspirations, goals aren’t enough motivation, go deeper.  Still not there?  Contact me and we’ll go digging together.

It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy.  We sometimes have layers and layers of survival methods, thinking, and behaviors to go through to find the truth.  It’s there.  I promise it is.

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach