Drinking or rather, not drinking, cannot be the center of your universe.

What you resist, persists.

This is a powerful quote that speaks to my life living sober. I found out early in the game the more I focused on not drinking; I’m an alcoholic; alcohol this; alcohol that; alcohol ruined my life; I can’t have alcohol; the more I wanted to say screw it and drink.

I can remember the inner dialogue I had the day I decided to stop thinking about drinking. I asked myself a few questions and let it go. This was after a few months of waiting for the monster to come billowing out from within me and force me to drink the life I was building away.

As I watched TV with my hubby, a commercial came on celebrating the next greatest pharmaceutical solution to blood clotting. And one of the actors said, “I can even enjoy a good healthy salad.” Who says that ever? Yes, some of us enjoy our greens, and some may live by them, but it’s not something we typically “get” to do. I hope this isn’t lost on you. Maybe I’m just unnaturally aware of it because I had a client for weight loss who had a blood clotting disorder. She could not eat greens, and it felt devastating to her that she was missing out on all this good nutrition with the rest of the group. She felt left out.

What do vitamin k and healthy greens have to do with excessive use of alcohol, you ask? When we view ourselves as can’t having something it makes it even bigger in our minds. It draws our energy toward it as though it has a magnetic pull.


I’m talking about a slight intentional shift in your thinking, but it can make a huge difference in your desired outcome. I know it sounds simple, but I also know that doesn’t mean easy.

It will take practice and more practice. But you can do this. I believe in you.

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