A box is a perfectly constructed container to hold things.  You use boxes to store items, transport things, and to organize space.  A box is incredibly useful and serves many purposes.  But as with most things it can break down and no longer serve its purpose.  You have too much stuff – you need a bigger box, the material it’s constructed from breaks down and simply no longer holds its once sturdy and reliable structure.  Which is its most important feature.  Sure it may still look pretty with its stylish cover, but you have no use for a three walled, no bottomed box.

Join me on a little journey to a metaphorical world.

Say we live in a box.  Metaphorically remember.  What would your walls be made of?  What would you be storing or transporting?  How might the structure start showing damage?  What happens if the box no longer serves the purpose?

Let’s play a little bit more.  Have you ever felt boxed in?  Maybe trapped even?  What if you put a piece of yourself outside of that box? What would that feel like?  Look like?

Would it feel cool and refreshing?  Would anxiety build up and cause you to retract as if you were spring loaded?  Would you breathe deeply?  Perhaps even exhale?

What is your box of life made of?  What contains you and keeps you safe for transport?  When will you be moved?  Or are you in storage?

If in the box for organizing purposes, how does that work?  When a little creativity is needed do you allow it come out and then put it back in its nice tidy place?  What would happen if you kept adding stuff and the box gets uncomfortable?  Do you stop adding?  Do you edit the contents?  Do you just make it work?

Maybe the box breaks down? Do you opt for a new box?  A bigger one?  Do you go all Hereticky and stand without the safe confines of the box, that keeps you so nice and organized, the contents “safe”?

It’s easy to get boxed in with our thoughts, beliefs, and ideals.  Find a quiet corner, light a candle, hang the ‘do not disturb sign’ on the door, and begin to examine what your box is constructed of.

What keeps you safe?  What does the very same walls keep you from?

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Be bold.  Be brave.  Be you.

– Teresa Rodden, Certified Life Coach